Atani Newsletter #3

3 min readMar 31, 2022


Welcome to the Atani Newsletter!

At Atani we work hard to make navigating the crypto markets easy for you.

Keeping up to the date with everything that is going on in the Atani ecosystem can be challenging. We hope you find this summary useful.

Download Atani

Windows, MacOS, Linux:

🤖 Google Play:

🍏 App Store:

Trade 💰

Advanced Trading Orders on Mobile

Set advanced trading orders (Stop Loss, Take Profit, OCO) directly from your mobile phone.

Trading Experiences

Customize your mobile trading experience (Simple, Advanced, Pro).

Chart 📈

Multi-charting Layouts

Customize your chart layout to monitor the markets: choose from 20+ layouts availabe and add up to 8 different charts per layout.

Save Mobile Charts

Save and load an unlimited number of charts on mobile and sync your desktop and mobile charts.

View Trades on Mobile Charts

View your history of closed orders on mobile charts.

Portfolio 📊

Create Lists of Tokens on Mobile

Create lists of your favorite tokens to follow on mobile and sync your lists with desktop.

Browse Tokens by Categories on Mobile

Search any token token at any exchange, set a watchlist of favorite tokens and browse tokens by categories also on mobile.

Mobile 📱

Performance Optimization

Enjoy a faster and smoother mobile experience.

Exchanges & Listings 🏦

Upgraded API Keys

Create your new API v4 Keys to replace your old API v2 Keys to track your portfolio and keep on trading on Atani.

ApeCoin Listed 🐵

Trade $APE, the native token of BAYC released by ApeCoin DAO, on 10+ exchanges via Atani.

DEX Aggregator 🔗

Advanced Orders on DEX

Trade on Serum-based decentralized exchanges using advanced orders (Stop Loss, Take Profit).

Ecosystem & Community 💬

Trade-to-Earn with Atani

We wanted to celebrate 2021with the community and reward early members.

Atani DEX featured on the Solana Ecosystem ☀️

Check the profile of Atani DEX Aggregator on the Solana ecosystem webpage and upvote it.

Ask-me-anything with the Binance Community

The Atani team joined the Spanish-speaking Binance community to talk about the crypto markets, trading, taxes and much more.

Event with the Solana Community

The Atani team joined the Spanish-speaking Solana community to introduce Atani DEX together with top projects in the ecosystem.

Join the Atani Community

Follow our community channels to learn more, keep up to date and chat with us directly:

· Twitter:

· Telegram (English):

· Telegram (Spanish):

· Telegram (Portuguese):

· Telegram (German):

· Telegram (Italian):

· Telegram (French):

· Instagram:

· YouTube:

· Medium:

If you have any questions about Atani, or suggestions for the team, please feel free to reach out to us.

We are always happy to help you in any way we can!




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